2020 made many of us feel out of control as we navigated uncharted territory, the new year provides the opportunity to reclaim control and not only fantasize about our desires, but to actually get out of our own way and do what is necessary to accomplish our goals without drowning!

As mothers it is important that we prioritize and dedicate time for deep self-care, beyond our aesthetics, by focusing on the things that shape our minds and souls.  Our influence and impact is infinite. She Wins aims to fortify our foundations, increase clarity and discernment, sustain motivation  and most importantly take action!

She Wins is an accountability group centered on encouragement and action. We meet weekly on Saturdays via Zoom to discuss our lives and the progress of our goals, being sure to learn from our lessons (aka setbacks) and most importantly celebrating our wins! Our approach is slow, steady and sustainable which is key to success. 

We will keep in contact via the She Wins lounge within the She Matters app. You’ll be given a special code to join the lounge once you sign up.

We are rolling out three 12-week classes in 2021,  our first class begins on Jan 9, 2021 and space is limited so reserve your spot today by completing the in-take form below.

Through your participation in the She Wins group you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to purchase one-on-one coaching packages with our co-founders, Jade Kearney and Marguerite Pierce.